Friday, September 18, 2009

Dave and Tricia

Tricia and Dave are good friends of ours who are also members of our church. They had an adult daughter with a birthday coming up, and when Trish asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her daughter told her she'd love to have a really good picture of her mom and dad. Now if that doesn't melt every mom's heart, I don't know what will! So, this shoot was a result of her daughter's birthday request. Hope you enjoy!

Alexis and Liberty

My husband and I were eating lunch with our children at O'Charly's on a Sunday afternoon when we were approached by the sweetest family! They had a 5 year old little boy and the mom was expecting twin girls! (For those of you who don't know, we have a 6 year old little boy, and twin girls who have just turned one!). They were amused at how much alike our families would be once their twins arrived and we chatted for a few minutes about the joys of multiples and older siblings. I gave her my photography website and told her to please contact me about newborn pictures for her girls and truly hoped I'd hear from her soon. That chance meeting (btw, I do not believe in "chance", only divine encounters!) has turned into two photography sessions and a blossoming friendship! Wendy and her husband, Jamison, allowed me to do a mini maternity session with them and their son, Hoyt just days before their twins, Alexis and Liberty, were born. I was then blessed to be welcomed into their home to capture some timeless images of their new additions! I continue to be amazed by how much their family resembles ours and I know we met that day for a special reason. Mother's of multiples face unique challenges and I am so glad to be in position to support Wendy and her family through this new and exciting journey! Wendy and Jamison, thank you both for welcoming me into your lives during this special time. I am honored to have captured images you will look back on for years to come!

Jasey Rae

Jessica and Dez recently welcomed Jasey Rae into their lives. What a beautiful baby girl!!! I am so happy for them and feel very blessed to have been able to capture these precious images on camera for them! I am reminded of God's love and mercy every time I have a session with a newborn. Each of them steals a little piece of my heart! Thank you Jessica and Dez for allowing me the opportunity to get to know your newest blessing!