Monday, December 21, 2009

Blake and Rachel

Blake goes to church with us at Destiny Christian Center and is a very musically talented member of our Worship Team who also volunteers his time and talents at our Youth Services on Wednesday nights. His beautiful girlfriend, Rachel is from Texas and from what I understand, their romance is a bit of a rekindled flame from the past. Their story is so sweet and they are so perfect for each other. We may be hearing wedding bells in the very near future for these two and according to Blake and Rachel, an engagement ring may be the focal point of our next session! I always love capturing LOVE and these two were so natural in front of the camera - they made my job so easy! Thank you so much, Blake and Rachel, for allowing me to share in these special moments with you! I look forward to many more sessions in the future as you prepare for new and exciting chapters in your relationship! May God bless you both!

Carl, Dawn, Hannah, and C.J.

I love love love my job - especially when I'm able to use my experience and abilities to bless my family! My husband's brother, Carl, and his lovely bride of almost 2 years, Dawn, asked me recently to take their family pictures for a Christmas card. Their two girls, Hannah (right) and C.J. (left) are simply beautiful and my hubby affectionately calls them his "punkin heads". They are an absolutely amazing family and I have seen God do some amazing things in and through their lives lately. They are such a blessing to us and so many others. We love you guys! Merry Christmas!

Holley Family

The Holley family has been so much fun to work with! When they first hired me, they made it clear that they wanted a family picture that would be enlarged to a 24x30 to hang in a frame they already had. Anytime I know an image is going to be enlarged that much, it presents a special challenge so i took pleasure in making sure that every element I had control over worked perfectly together to create a crisp and timeless image that would be a beautiful compliment to their family room. Despite a cloudy and wet day at Shakespeare, we captured exactly what they wanted and then had fun shooting other fun and memorable moments! Many thanks to Amy for allowing me this valuable opportunity - I have enjoyed my time with your family immensely and am looking forward to our next session already!

Bethea Kids

We've known Rhett for almost 2 years now...he and my son Cameron were in the same Kindergarten class last year and it was through that relationship that his mom learned I was a photographer and hired me to capture these beautiful images of her two sweeties. Audrey was around 6 months old at the time of our session and was absolutely adorable! Within 30 minutes of shooting, we had already captured all we had hoped for! I'm so grateful not only for the opportunity to photograph these wonderful children, but also for their friendship.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Family trip to Atlanta, GA

As a late birthday present to Cameron, Chuck and I took him to Atlanta, GA to see the Chicago Bulls play the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena this past Wednesday night. Chuck's mom kept the twins so we could spend some quality time alone with Cam so we left and headed up there Wednesday morning. We got to our hotel in the heart of Atlanta early so we decided to walk the few blocks to Centennial Park - site of the 1996 Summer Olympics. We didn't have much time to waste though before it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for the game. We dressed in our Bulls gear (hoping to incite a riot among some hot blooded hawks fans! lol) and walked the five blocks to Philips Arena where we talked some smack, ate pretzels with cheese, and made fruitless attempts to get autographs after a terribly disappointing loss was incurred by the Bulls. And to add insult to injury, I wasn't even able to bring my camera into the arena! (Although the arena website says still photography is allowed, they told me at the door "no cameras with removable lenses - cameras have to be no larger than a credit card". So basically they don't mind if you take pictures, they just don't want your images to be any good! ARGH!) But despite the loss, we enjoyed the game immensely and were in high spirits as we walked back to our hotel where we all three enjoyed climbing into comfy beds without having to "put the babies down first". lol The next morning, we got up and took full advantage of the hotels complimentary hot breakfast before checking out and heading straight to the Georgia Aquarium, which is a stone's throw from the arena and Centennial Park. The aquarium was a surprise to Cameron at the last minute since we weren't sure we'd have time to make it but Holy Cow was it worth it! I captured some amazing images and we all had a wonderful time exploring and learning. All in all, it was a really great trip and aside from missing the girls, I don't think any of us were ready to head home to Bama! The time spent reconnecting with Cameron was invaluable and it's always neat to see how much better we all get along when the pressures and stress of everyday life are lifted. It helps keep things in perspective and was a much needed break for all three of us. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man and have such beautiful children. And for those of you who know me well, please don't ever let me forget it!
Thank you all for taking the time to read about our trip and view our pictures. I'll be posting new pictures from recent sessions soon so keep checking back! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vuycankiat Kids

These kiddos are basically an extension of my own family and even though I have no biological sisters or brothers, I am Aunt Caryl to them. Their mom, Harmony, is my best friend and we are blessed to live right across the street from each other. Her husband, Eric, is from the Philippines and is a brave member of our USAF. I LOVE sessions with Donovan, Seth, and Gracie and this one was no different. We visited Camp Tukabatchee and had a blast playing while I snapped away. I even got to put on huge rain boots and play in a creek to get the shot of them all three sitting on the small bridge. We'll be doing a Christmas session very soon so keep checking back for more images of these adorable kids!

Melissa and her boys!

Melissa is the sister of a dear friend and scheduled a session while she was in town for Thanksgiving. She wanted to capture authentic images of her three handsome, energetic little boys and we did just that. I am honored that she traveled from Florida for a session with me and my time with her and her boys was truly enjoyable.

Diaz Family

Those of you who follow my blog may remember Santana from previous posts - she came to me for her senior portraits and has been a wonderful addition to my portfolio as well as an incredible client to work with time and time again. These images are from a family session with her mom and twin sisters Devon and Darian. Their mom, Dallas, is such a sweetie and I have truly enjoyed getting to know her and her beautiful girls! Thank you, Dallas, for allowing me to capture these priceless images of you and your daughters!