Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy & Me (Harmony and Gracie)

I always love photographing my best friend and her beautiful family but this session was special....we did images of just Harmony with her daughter, Grace (affectionately referred to as Gracie, Gracie Lou, Gra Gra, and many other pet names! lol). We had a wonderful time and the images I captured of Gracie were some of the best I've ever gotten! What an awesome experience - to be able to share such a gift with my best friend! I truly am blessed beyond measure! I love you Harm and Gracie!

Taylor Kate

I had the honor of photographing Taylor Kate as a newborn and I can hardly believe how much she's grown in 6 months! She is such a beautiful little angel and I am so grateful to her parents for driving all the way from Birmingham for their sessions with me! A big THANK YOU to Sharon from Rocky Mount Bed & Breakfast for allowing us to use the beautiful grounds for our session!


This little girl is such a precious little angel! I've truly enjoyed working with her and her mother, Lisa who is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met! These portraits were taken as Mother's Day gifts and I honestly hope to photograph Natalie again very soon! What a cutie!!!!

Colbie Caillat Concert

I don't have time to post personal entries very often but this one HAD to be shared! This was one of the MOST awesome concerts I've ever been to! Of course, it was even better because I was hanging with my best friend, Harmony! We had a good, old-fashioned Girls Night Out and it will forever be one of my BEST memories! Colbie was insanely awesome and her opening act/boyfirend(????? she never said for sure but I'm almost positive they have something going on!) was seriously talented and fun to "watch" as well! LOL A BIG thank you to Harm for giving me this unforgettable night as a birthday gift!!! I love you girl!

Austin and Taylor

Happy 1st Birthday to Baby Austin!!!! And Happy 10th Birthday to his big sister, Taylor!!!! These kids are among my favorite clients (yes I did just admit to picking favorites! Ooops! lol) and I have been so blessed to have been able to capture special moments for the last nine months of Austin's life! I hope to continue doing so for many years to come!

Jasmine Hill Gardens

I recently joined the Capital City Camera Club in Montgomery and among other things, they go on monthly field trips so members can photograph interesting and beautiful things as a group. These are several of my images from our recent field trip. Cameron came along and I am proud to say he is showing a strong interest in photography and has a great natural eye for beauty! I'm sure I'll be posting some great images from him soon! :-)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rachel and Joshua

Rachel and Josh were referred to me through a client I worked with last fall and I am SO incredibly excited about shooting their wedding on June 12th at Fort Toulouse! They are such an interesting couple so let me share some background: They both volunteer as historical re-enactors at Fort Toulouse in Wetumoka. It was there that they met and fell in love. Josh has a rich and colorful Irish lineage and they will be incorporating Irish and American frontier elements into their ceremony and reception! I can't wait to share those amazing images!!!! Congratulations to Josh and Rachel - you are both simply wonderful to work with!

Katie's Bridals

Katie is such a beautiful bride! Adam is certianly a lucky man! Her bridal session went wonderfully and I was fortunate to get this AMAZING vintage red Ford pickup on loan for the session from Eddie and his wife at Eddie's Automotive Service and Repair Shop on Hwy 31! If you've never been there, you should check them out! They are great to work with and sicne borrowing the truck for this session, I've had my car reparied there as well! Thanks so much to Eddie and his wife for allowing us to use this beauty of a truck for our session!

Adam and Katie are Engaged!

Adam and Katie are getting married! What a sweet, young couple! They are so in love and I am blessed to have the honor of photographing their wedding in May! Stay tuned for Bridals and wedding images!!!

Cambria and Brooks Engagement Session

What an incredible couple!!!! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in July! They are so sweet and even though Brooks is a little camera shy, he warmed up to me and we got some truly great shots during our session!

Brooks popped the question!

I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to shoot this romantic proposal! Cambria and Brooks (both members of my church, Destiny Christian Center) have been dating for a while and are both extremely involved with the Destiny youth group DSM (Destiny Student Ministries). Taking their involvement as leaders and mentors to these youth into consideration, Brooks decided to pop the question during a youth meeting! What an awesome idea!!!
Stay tuned for engagement, bridal, and wedding images!

Baby Evan

Meet Baby Evan - he was an absolute doll for his newborn session and his parents have been a pleasure to work with...stay tuned for engagement and wedding photos of them too!!!!

Happy Birthday Baylor!

Happy 1st Birthday to Baby Baylor! She and her family are so special to me! They were some of my very first clients when I started my business and I've followed Baylor's life from maternity sessions now through one year! It's safe to say this little girl has my heart and I have been so blessed by my friendship with her family! Thanks so much to Matt and Laura for allowing me the priviledge of capturing so many special moments!!!!

Duncan Maternity Session

I was so excited about my maternity session with the Duncans for weeks prior. Then, lo and behold, they arrived at my door and I realized I went to school with Andy - the Dad! What a small world! They've all been a pleasure to work with! As you can see, big brother Sam is a major cutie!!!! Can't wait to share newborn pictures of Baby Caroline so stay tuned!