Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Baylor is 3 months old!

Yesterday I was invited back to photograph baby Baylor Marie once again! I captured Laura and Matt's pregnancy with Baylor through a beautiful maternity session and when she was born, I was blessed to be the one to capture her newborn portraits. She is one of the most beautiful and sweet spirited babies I have ever laid eyes (or lens) on. As you can tell from her 3 month portrait session, she is calm and even tempered and extremely tolerant of having her picture taken! She acts as though she knows exactly what we are hoping to capture and she so sweetly humors us. Thank you so much, Matt and Laura, for giving me the opportunity to share these wonderfully precious moments in your lives. I feel truly honored to be able to provide you with these lasting memories.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am proud to announce that Caryl Lawson Photography now has a BRAND NEW WEBSITE with a comprehensive sampling of my work, information for prospective customers, and a client proofing area where clients can view each of their edited proofs online. You can also access this blog from the site and send me emails from the "contact" section of the page.
I will still be updating the blog with each shoot, but will now be including occasional information and special offers as keep checking back! I am very excited about what this site could do to increase my business so please pass the link along to your friends and family! Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the past year. I hope to hear your opinions on the new site and hope you all have a wonderful week!
Visit the new site here:
You can also reach the site here: (just in case the unique spelling of my name causes problems! lol)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hopefully this was my first of many sessions with Ansley. She is so beautiful - it make my job as a photographer almost too easy! Her sweet personality is already emerging at 3 months old and I can't wait to document the rest of her first year. Thank you to her parents for opening your home to me for this shoot. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I can't wait to see how much Ansley grows over the next 3 months!
Thanks for looking and please remember to visit my new website for a more comprehensive sampling of my work and special offers.


Lynn had her maternity session with me this past Saturday and it was such a pleasure getting to know her. She has three boys already and is expecting her fourth! Her first set of boys were twins so she and I already have something in common. She planned the shoot as a surprise for her husband (who still as of today has no idea!) so I can't wait to find out how he reacts when he sees these gorgeous pictures of his wife! I am grateful to have been a part of this special time in their lives. Thank you for looking and please take a moment to visit my brand new website at to see more of my work.

Brook & Sky turn 9 months old!

Brooklyn and Skylar turned 9 months old on June 17th and I can hardly believe how quickly this past 9 months has flown by! (The 9 months I spent carrying them certainly seemed to take much longer! lol) The picture at the top is of Skylar and the 5th one down from the top is Brooklyn. They are so much alike and yet so very different! They have developed their own unique personalities and preferences. For instance, in the mornings when I awaken to the sound of a crying baby, it is almost always Brooklyn. Skylar is usually just laying there sucking her fingers or playing with the silk edge of her blanket (which happens to be one of my favorite childhood habits too!). Skylar just tends to be able to entertain herself more often whereas Brook loves to be where the action is. Brook can pull up to a standing position wherever there is something for her to hold onto but Skylar hasn't gotten there yet - she's taking her time. She has starting clapping though-something Brook hasn't done yet. So you see, they are so unique and precious in their own ways and together they are just deliciously cute! I'd like to say a special "Thank YOU" to my dear friends Dawn and Belinda who helped with the twins during this shoot. As you can imagine, a shoot with twin babies is pretty much impossible with out help!
Thanks for looking and sharing these special moments with me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Felicity!

Felicity just celebrated her first birthday! She is the granddaughter of a dear friend of mine and I was so excited to photograph her today! She is simply beautiful and her sweet spirit is so visible in these pictures. She was so great in front of the camera and since my friend, Dawn, and I share very similar tastes where photography is concerned, I was able to simply capture her being....her! Even studio shoots can be candid and spontaneous if children are allowed to be themselves. I have fallen in love with this little girl and can't wait to photograph her with her big brother, Travis, very soon! Thank you to my friend Dawn, and Felicity's mom, Amber, for allowing me the opportunity to catch these absolutely priceless moments.