Friday, November 11, 2011

Memories in Black and White

Well, so much for getting a new post up last week! lol Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need and want to do. :-) So as I type this I am waiting impatiently for a huge batch of wedding images to load in Photoshop so I can continue into the wee hours of the morning with bleary eyed I'm determined to finish this particular wedding tonight so there's no telling what time my head will hit the pillow but I know as I close my eyes, I'll feel a sense of peaceful accomplishment and relief.

I'm sure this is common, but it seems it's during these late night editing marathons that I think most about my life, my career, my choices, my direction....I think back quite a bit and when that gets a bit too heavy (someone once told me we ALL have a backstory lol) I try to "think" forward toward the growth of my children, my business, and yes, even myself. The fact is, life flies by so quickly and so many of my memories, the good, bad and the ugly, have a tendency of fading into grey...regardless of how precious or painful, they are MY memories and I feel cheated when they nights like tonight...I reminisce. Because that's just what us "artsy types" do...we reminisce...we dream...and occassionally we wallow And we cling to memories that we refuse to let slip's these memories and the deeply intense emotions attached to them that make me so good at what I do...I capture emotions...I freeze them in time so that years from now, you can look back at a picture and be reminded of the laughter, the joy, the fullness of life at that moment...I recognize these moments in other peoples lives because they FEEL familiar to me...all of my heartaches, my victories, my passions and my blessings allow me to tune in and connect with others on a personal level...Because of the many moments I struggle to hang on to without a picture or precious image to eternally sear it into my mind, I know I'm in the right place...doing what God intended for me to do...I feel blessed to be able to provide such a precious gift...the gift of black and white in a world of much as I adore color...we could all use a bit more black and white and alot less grey!

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Been a While...

So business is BOOMING...certainly a good problem to have so you won't catch me complaining! lol But it also creates a few challenges, such as finding time to keep this blog updated! Since FB has served as a wonderful marketing tool lately, I've reluctantly neglected the blog simply because there are NOT enough hours in the day to post sneak peeks and write about my wonderful clients! I've been meaning to go back and add posts for every shoot I've missed but since that has proven to be impossible, I guess the best option is to start fresh from here. :-) To all of my clients who may notice their sessions missing from the blog - I am truly sorry...but chances are your images are on FB and you never check here for them anyway! lol
To all of you who still take the time to check for new posts, and all of you visiting for the first "new" blog will now take on a slightly different format. I will occassionaly post sneak peeks from sessions but I also plan to let this be a glimpse into my life and approach toward the art of photography. Be on the lookout for informative posts regarding lighting, exposure, and posing as well as tips and tricks for quick edits in photoshop and other digital editing softwares. I get questions frequently on these topics so I decided to make this a place where my friends and fellow photogs could come for answers and get a unique perspective on how I approach my craft in the process. Hope it proves to be a fun, easy, and helpful read! It's exciting to know that I may be sharing something that helps readers from San Diego to New York...coast to coast! lol My hope is that this blog will become a favorite of many who appreciate and enjoy photography as much as I do.

I'll be working on my first "real" post this week so keep checking back and once it's up, let me know what you think! I'd love to get some feedback!