Sunday, March 29, 2009

Loving to LEARN!

So I've been taking a photography class for the past couple of months and I am learning so much! It's so exciting to learn concepts in class and then take my camera to the park with my family and actually put the concepts into practice! So every now and then, I like to share with all of you some of my experiments that result from my gradual acquisition of new skills and knowledge. These pics are examples of DOF (Depth of Field)-the picture of Cameron peeking around the post and the blurry post in the foreground, slow sync-the picture of Cameron going down the slide headfirst with his face relatively in focus and everything else blurry, natural lighting and fill flash-the picture of the wisteria and the last one of Cam sitting on the post, slower shutter speeds to allow for blurring of motion - like on the water fall and the NO OUTLET sign, direction of light - the ring on the bible, and Rule of Thirds-again the one with Cameron peeking around the post in the far right of the picture. Hope you enjoy and if you are curious about how any of these were done, feel free to ask. I'd love to share what I'm learning! Take care and thank you all for your support and encouragement!

PS Baylor Marie Cobb was born this weekend!!! More details and newborn pics coming soon(maternity pics can be seen on a previous post)! Congratulations to Matt and Laura Cobb on welcoming baby Baylor into the world!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brook and Sky

I love getting great pictures of my girls! These were taken this afternoon while they were enjoying some tummy time. In the first picture, to be honest even I can't tell for sure which twin it is but I think it's Brook. In the second, Brook is on the left and Sky is on the right. The third picture is of Brooklyn and the fourth is of Skylar. The last is the same as the second but in color. I thought these polka dot dresses were just adorable! Harmony, you have great taste and such a sweet generous spirit! Thank you! I feel so blessed to have the ability to capture these absolutely priceless moments in my children's lives. They grow so quickly and before we know it, they have outgrown dozens of "phases" we thought would last forever! I catch myself all the time saying things like "I can't wait until they start smiling!" or "I wish they would hurry up and start talking so they could learn to say Mommy!". But the truth is, I wish they could stay just like they are for much longer than they actually will! Every day brings new accomplishments in their ever expanding world and it's my job to freeze as many moments in time as possible so we will never forget the wonder and awe of these very precious memories! Thank you all for allowing me to share my heart through photography. What a priviledge!


I had the chance to do a quick, 20 minute shoot yesterday for a precious little angel named Cheyenne. Her family needed some special shots of her with a handmade quilt (sewn for her by her grandmother) for an album they are putting together. Thanks to Jenn and Josh for letting me take pictures of their little cutie pie!!!