Monday, November 16, 2009

Williams Sisters

These two girls were so much fun to work with and have a very strong bond that was so obvious during the session. Their mom was referred to me by another wonderful client of mine and is so incredibly sweet! We all had a blast at Shakespeare and the girls were such troopers - not one complaint out of either of them! They were naturals in front of the camera and I truly enjoyed capturing their unique personalities in images their parents will treasure forever!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Connie and I met through our church, Destiny Christian Center, and I was thrilled when she and her husband, Kenny, contacted me to schedule a maternity session. She definitely has the beautiful glow of an expecting mother and they are such a sweet couple - and tons of fun to be around! Our session was full of laughter and in between we managed to get some truly awesome shots that really captured her beauty and vibrant personality. Thank you, Connie and Kenny, for allowing me to be a part of this very special time in your lives! I can't wait for Baby Braxton's newborn session!

Jenn and Josh are friends of ours from church and I was so excited when she asked me to do a session with Josh's family. They are such a unique couple with a powerful testimony and God is working through them in amazing ways. Josh's parents, Linnie and Debbie, operate a full time ministry in Montgomery and have given their lives to serving the Lord and raising their family - and what a beautiful family it is! We got some wonderful images during this session that I know Linnie and Debbie will cherish forever. Thank you to the Dickson Family for allowing me to get to know you all better!

Daniel Sisters

These three sisters simply stole my heart during our session at Shakespeare! They were so sweet and it was such a pleasure getting to know them. Their mom was referred to me through one of my other wonderful clients and I am so glad she gave me the opportunity to capture these lovely images of her sweet girls!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Palmore Twins

Jonica Palmore brought her twin girls to Shakespeare a few weeks ago on a day that turned out to be just too cold for a photo shoot...we ended up rescheduling but not before I had snapped off several touching images that she ended up falling in love with even before we managed to get together for our re shoot. For the rescheduled session, we met again at Shakespeare, this time with Dad in tow, hoping to capture a perfect family picture. Well we captured the family picture and so much more! What a beautiful family and these girls remind me so much of my own blond headed blue eyed twin girls...they are so sweet and loving toward each other and I was amazed by their wonderful personalities and special bond. A special thank you to their mom and dad for choosing me as the one to provide these priceless images of their family!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Santan's Studio Session

When Santana scheduled her previous Senior Session, she explained that she hoped for edgy outdoor pictures as well as some studio images that accurately portrayed her unique style and also her chosen field of cosmetology. I featured her outdoor session in an earlier blog post and now it's time to share her studio shots. She is definitely at ease in front of the camera and with so many talents and abilities, this young lady has a bright future ahead of her! We were both extremely happy with how her images turned out and I am enjoying the excitement of learning new lighting techniques for studio work. Thank you, Santana, for being such a wonderful client and I look forward to more sessions in the future!

Baby Ansley - 10 Month Session

Baby Ansley is another one of my "return customers". Our previous session (when Ansley was 5 months old) produced some truly beautiful images and this session was no different! We used an ornate iron chair from the foyer of her home and placed it in a grassy area behind the house surrounded by moss covered couldn't have been a more perfect setting! She wore a dedication gown that will be worn again soon when her parents present her in a special dedication ceremony at their church. Ansley's mom, Karen, also wanted some pictures of Ansley with the piano that has been in her family for several generations. These are truly timeless images that will be treasured for many years to come. Ansley is a precious little treasure and I look forward to many more sessions with this beautiful little girl! Thank you, Karen and Jeff, for opening your home to me and allowing me the honor of photographing your family!

Baby Taylor Kate

Baby Taylor Kate was born on September 30th (4 weeks early), weighing 7 lbs! Imagine if she'd been full term! Her mother, Lauren, drove all the way from Birmingham for our session and we chose to utilize the old world beauty and charm of Rocky Mount B&B (now a fabulous wedding and special event venue) in Prattville. Sharon, the owner of the B&B is related to Baby Taylor and also to Baby Baylor who is one of my "Baby Plan" babies. The house was a beautiful setting for the session and Sharon graciously allowed me to utilize an antique ceramic basin as a prop! It helped create a beautiful and timeless image that ended up being one of my personal favorites! I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to Lauren for making the drive to Prattville just so I could have the privilege of capturing these beautiful images and also to Sharon for allowing us the use of Rocky Mount. Taylor is a true beauty and I hope to be able to photograph her again soon as she grows and develops. Congratulations to both her parents! Feel free to leave comments and well wishes - I will be sure to pass them along! Thank you!

Amy - Senior Session

Amy is a Senior at Prattville High School and her mother, Shannon, is a teacher there as well. Shannon and I serve together on our church worship team and she is a talented vocalist and a fervent worshipper. Amy shares her mother's strong faith and has a heart full of love for Jesus. She wanted her Senior Pictures to be a strong reflection of her faith in Christ and her desire to worship Him with her life. She is truly a gorgeous girl from the inside out and I am blessed to have been chosen to capture these very special images for her as she prepares to begin a new and exciting chapter in her life. I know God has wonderful things in store for this bright young lady!

Meadows Family

Allie is the aunt of another client of mine who was featured in a previous blog. Her niece, Jessica, recently had a baby and after seeing the images from Jessica's maternity and newborn sessions, she contacted me for a family session too! She and her children are very close and there is a special bond between the three of them that was crystal clear in their images. Thank you, Allie, for allowing me the opportunity to share in these moments! What a beautiful family!

Jessica Alas -Senior Session

Jessica is a friend of another client, Santana, and contacted me after seeing some of the other work I had done. I am so grateful for the positive word of mouth advertising I am receiving from my satisfied clients! Jessica called me on a Thursday asking if we could schedule her session for the very next day and luckily, I was able to squeeze her in! Her session produced some amazing images and as you can see, she is a true beauty! She will be graduating from Prattville High School in the Spring and I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to capture these priceless images that truly tell her story. She is a talented and genuine young lady with a bright future ahead of her!

The Albright Family

Kris and Mona Albright are friends of ours from church and for a long while were a part of our worship team. They are both very musically talented (Mona is a highly trained vocalist and Kris is a drummer) and it wasn't long after they began serving on our worship team that Mona and I realized we had both attended the University of Mobile with majors in vocal performance. We also both sang in ensemble groups in college and probably crossed paths at some point without even realizing it! After sharing many common stories of professors and vocal coaches, a friendship was formed and I was very pleased when they asked me to capture these images of their family. Thank you, Mona and Kris!


I've known Dixie for many years - she is a friend of a friend and was given this photo shoot as a birthday gift. She claims to have trouble getting pictures of herself that she likes but I can't imagine why! She is a lovely woman with a heart of gold and we had so much fun during our session. Her inner and outer beauty is so apparent in these images and I truly enjoyed spending time with her!
Sidenote: She LOVED her pictures!